Your First Visit

Get Prepared For Your First Visit

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear Comfortable clothing for your evaluation. We recommend Tennis Shoes and loose fit clothing to ensure the therapist is able to inspect all the problem areas.

We recommend that you bring shorts to the visit if you have lower extremity treatment. Private Locker rooms are available for changing and storing your items.

Arrive 15 Minutes PRIOR to your scheduled Appointment

Please arrived 15 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment to complete intake and consent form. Allow yourself 5-10 Minutes to get from the parking lot to the office on your first visit.

Please find a seat in the waiting area and your therapist will come meet you.

Parking Instructions

We have FREE Parking at 110 W. Lombard Street. If you park in our FREE parking area, the therapist will validate your parking at the conclusion of your treatment appointment.

If wheelchair access is required, we recommend parking in the underground garage at 36 S. Charles Street. Note: This is a paid lot.

Our Address

36 S. Charles Street Suite 203, Baltimore MD 21201

What to expect at your first visit

On your first appointment, you will be given a tour of the facility.  Next, a detailed evaluation will be conducted and we will address the cause and onset of your condition, your prior level of independence, your current level of functional independence and your overall goals.

An abbreviated treatment session will be provided after the conclusion of your detailed evaluation.  Next, we will schedule your follow up session and we will collect any copayments required by your insurance plan.  If you parked in our FREE parking, the therapist will validate your parking and will provide you instructions on how to return to the parking lot.

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